The Host: Blaine Cook

Hi there, and welcome to my website blog and podcast All About Athletics. For years I've mulled the idea of creating my own sports blog, and after much deliberation, I felt the time was now! By no means am I an expert in any one sport, but my love of sports has allowed me to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. I decided to feature a podcast. Here, you will find interviews done with local coaches, players, athletic directors, and anyone else in between. They are stories to be told. I hope you'll find at least one worth listening to. Enjoy my website!


I look forward to forging our relationship together.



- Blaine Cook 


Fun Fact:

Fun Fact

I enjoy physical fitness. Whether it's a quick pickup game at the gym or running a half marathon, if you want to find me, you'll have to catch me first. 

I attended North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND where I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Sport Management and a minor in Business Administration. Currently, I'm wrapping up my masters degree in Physical Education and Leadership in Fargo.